Weekly Update for Sept. 22, 2014

Here's what you can expect from the campaign this week.

1) Don't forget this week's join fundraiser with Dr. Eric Meyer, on September 25th, at SunUp Brewery. You know how much I like to make these fun, so watch for news about the special on a beer tasting flight. Stay tuned here: https://www.facebook.com/events/844726155562259/

2) We will be walking every weekend in support of Katie, Lela and all of the great Democratic candidates on our ballot this year. Folks, I've not see such a great opportunity for Democrats to take state-wide seats since 2002. All we have to do is bring out the voters!

3) We will have an event on October 16th with some special guest stars at Bliss ReBar. We are just building this. So, stay tuned.

4) On October 29th I'm honored to be part of a unique event with Sen. Hobbs and Rep. Alston. We will be having a reception at the house of Teresa and Charles Andrews. There will be a special feature for attendees, as the owners of a cool urban farm, Nichole Shaffer and Amber Svalstedt will open their farm gates for one night only "LD24 Petting Zoo." Stay tuned for the Facebook invite.

How's that for keeping the momentum going for LD24 and LD28! Thank you for your continued support!