Voting Rights

The leadership of the Arizona Legislature has enacted policies in recent years that have the effect of suppressing minority and elderly votes. 

The most insidious and recent of these efforts was 2013's HB2305, which makes it more difficult to get public initiatives on the ballot, criminalizes volunteers who collect early ballots, guts the Permanent Early Voter List and increases the number of signatures required to get on the ballot for all parties other than the Republican Party.

The Arizona Legislature also enacted voter ID laws that disproportionately harm the poor, elderly and minorities. Ken will work to repeal these ID laws and return Arizona to a set of laws that respect voters and encourage participation. 

Ken has a demonstrated history of fighting for the rights of people to participate more in our democratic process. While the Clean Elections Act has been unfortunately gutted recently, Ken still supports reforming that act in order to reduce the influence of money in elections.

Ken worked in Sarajevo during and after the war in Bosnia, when that country's first open elections took place. He also worked for the Australian Labor Party in 2006 in their state elections, using ranked choice voting. He has first-hand knowledge of the importance of electoral systems that encourage good public policy.

Arizona has a choice. It can fight for broad participation in elections or allow its Legislature to further alienate entire sectors of its society.

Ken will:

Actively fight HB2305 and any future voter suppression bills like it.

Work to find a reform that will allow Clean Elections to function again as a law that encourages public participation in elections.

Work to over-turn recent changes in the laws that allowed for massive increases in campaign contribution limits.

Work to pass an Arizona version of the American Anti-Corruption Act.