The Time is Now

Imagine a week and a half from now -- two scenarios.

In the first scenario, we talked to all of those voters who don't usually vote in non-presidential years. We did what we needed to do --we knocked on doors, made live phone calls and stand at the polling places. In this vision, we win governor, AG, Secretary of State and so on. We finally see reasonable reform.

In the second scenario, we fool ourselves in to thinking that "liking" a Facebook post is enough --we think there are probably enough "other people" doing those phone calls and canvassing. In this universe Cathi Herrod controls the governor's office and SB1062 returns because we did not turn out the votes that we need.

We can't win if people don't go vote. Our candidates are close in the polls and what we need more than anything is voter turnout.

Here's the best news: we are talking to friendly Dems and INDs in this last week to remind them to vote.  

If you've been putting it off, this week is your last chance. If you can't walk, make phone calls. If you can't join my effort, join somebody's effort!

So, we have two events this week in which I'm asking your participation:

1. Wednesday, October 29th at 5:30 pm, join us for a unique neighborhood meet and greet with Sen. Katie Hobbs, Rep. Lela Alston and me. Charles and Teresa Andrews will host us at their home at 6pm. But first, urban farm owners and neighbors Nichole Schaffer and Amber Svalstedt will allow us to visit and feed their farm animals on an urban farm steps away at 15th Ave, south of Missouri. Please see the Facebook invite here.

2. Saturday, November 1st at 9:00 am, we will be walking for our LD24 team and for state-wide change. We will start from Pierce Park at 46th St and Monte Vista. Please RSVP on the LD24 Facebook page or to

Can I count on your support?