We live in a desert. This is an inescapable fact that the leaders of the Arizona Legislature ignore. Recent studies show that our potential for serious water shortages in the near future are more possible than ever --and potential investors in Arizona take note. (1) 

We need to re-think our relationship to the desert so that we can grow economically and sustainably. 

When Ken was in the legislature from 2003 to 2005, he was “the solar guy”, before it was cool to be “green.” Ken ran legislation that would have resulted in the installation of solar energy on tens of thousands of businesses and homes. He also took steps that resulted in the installation of 40kW of solar panels on the Phoenix Civic Plaza when city officials came to the capitol looking for over $300 million to fund the new convention center.

Arizona has the potential to install almost four times as much energy from renewable sources as it currently generates at Palo Verde Nuclear Facility, the largest nuclear facility in the United States --and create the jobs associated with those installations.

As a legislator, Ken will:

Serve as a policy maker with actual, professional experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Project property owners' right to generate electricity for personal use. 

Push the legislature towards setting higher standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy in new home and business construction.  

Fund the School Facilities Board, generally, and allow it more latitude to make renewable energy and energy efficiency part of new school construction. Since the School Facilities Board was created, most of the schools that it has built have been energy hogs rather than energy stars, due to short-sighted policies put in place by the legislature.

Bring his knowledge of renewable energy, energy efficiency and business attraction to the legislature. He will protect against ideas that discourage new job development and work for ideas that move the state forward.

Advocate for a review of the 1980 Ground Water Management Act, in order to encourage long-term sustainability.