Sept. 28 Newsletter Repost

Thank you for signing our petition in the last issue to send a message to the governor and legislative leaders to implement the recommendations of the Chapin-Hall Report. If you still want to sign, please sign this here. We will stop taking signatures tomorrow.

This week I want to introduce you to the series I've started on understanding the Arizona Budget. Please see this blog post for more. I will be posting these daily on Twitter and Facebook.

People say to me that public policy is too intimidating or complex. To which I say, "If I can do this, you can do this."

My purpose is to empower you to gain knowledge about how things work. That knowledge will give us all the power we need to make a change.

So, please check out this series, watch for more in the future and send me questions if you have them.

News Around the District
Tovrea Castlea. The last BeAZ tour of the Arizona School for the Arts was packed and we were treated to live performances and insights. Watch for the October event at the Tovrea Castle --that enigmatic wedding cake-looking structure off the 202 near the Tempe-Phoenix boarder.  Check this link, for information on October's event. We will post details in the next week. 

b. My esteemed seat-mate Rep. Lela Alston won a battle with lung cancer this year (while doing her legislative duties, by the way) and we are all joining in to help her at the Lung Force Walk, this November 14th. We'd love to have you on our team. Please join by following this link

c. In other news, our friends at Refugee Focus are hiring a Women's Empowerment Business Specialist to help refugee women start their own businesses. If you know of anybody, please direct them to this website.

Brain Food
SkepticalScience.PNGa. I sat through a committee meeting this week in which Republican legislators were regurgitating some of the most common bits of misinformation about global warming. There were so many in accuracies, that I did not know where to start. But if you find yourself in a similar position at a cocktail party or family holiday, here's a tool that will help you. Skeptical Science has created an app for most platforms that gives you the most common lies or mistruths about climate science, along with explanations and citations that will help you rebut the lies. Find out more here

b. If you've been following the efforts to preserve the WPA building at the State Fairgrounds and even plan better for the future of the fairgrounds, you will find this presentation by historic preservationist very informative. In the short term, we need to protect the WPA building. In the long term, we have an opportunity to renovate and update our state fairgrounds such that we can create an economic driver for Phoenix and a new business incubator. Stay tuned for more!

c. Some of you know that one of my favorite podcasts is On the Media, in which a pair of veteran reporters dissect, review and critique all things media. This is great weekend listening. They recently did an episode that covered everything from the tendency of US journalists to let candidates get away with outright lies to efforts by Exxon-Mobile to cover up the fact that they used to believe in climate change before they didn't. This is one of my favorite episodes. Have a listen and let me know what you think. The episode is call "Facts, Schmacts."