Sept. 16 Newsletter Repost

Screen_Shot_2015-09-15_at_6.04.11_PM.pngHelp me send a message to the governor and legislative leaders. Please sign this petition today asking them to implement the recommendations of the Chapin-Hall Report. 

Then, please forward the petition on to at least one friend.

What is the Chapin-Hall report? See the video to the right to learn more. 

The Chapin-Hall study was commissioned last year by our Republican legislature after we learned that over 6,000 children at CPS were being ignored.

Its final report was released three months ago and it told legislative leaders what they did not want to hear --that we must reduce caseloads of social workers and invest in preventative measures to keep children out of the system in the first place.

Arizona's vulnerable children did not create the conditions that lead to their suffering. Politicians did that and only voters can make it better.

News Around the District
Tovrea CastleThe last BeAZ tour of the Arizona School for the Arts was packed and we were treated to live performances and insights. 

Watch for the October event at the Tovrea Castle --that enigmatic wedding cake-looking structure off the 202 near the Tempe-Phoenix boarder.  Check this link, for information on October's event. We will post details in the next week. 

Brain Food
a. The Chapin Hall Report was commissioned last year and presented this last June. Have a look at the original report at this link to see how this independent review called for the type of changes that our Republican legislature has avoided for decades. 

b. Once the Chapin Hall Report was released, child advocates and elected Democrats wanted to know if DCS director McKay agreed with the study, so they asked for his review. You can see his response here, in which he agreed with the findings of the study. All that's left is for his boss and the legislature to exercise their political muscle and do the right thing.

c. I plan to cover in future issues why Governor Ducey's plan to raid the state land trust fund to pay for a small increase in school funding at the cost of future students and families is a bad idea. For now, here's a short piece that can help you understand how easily the trust can lose its value, even without the "Ducey drain".

d. Here are some important articles for you to read that highlight how dark money seeps in to every nook and cranny. First, here's an op ed that I did a couple weeks ago explaining why dark money is not just about APS and the corporation commission. Second, here is a column from Bob Robb, in which Robb tries to refute my efforts in the legislature but cites the wrong bill and comes to the wrong conclusion. The Republic has not posted my letter to the editor pointing out this error. Finally, here is a blog post from The Eagletarian that details how Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith's job as a lobbyist while she is still a corporation commissioner can cause people in the community to be treated unfairly.  

Thank you for reading. Have a great week.

Ken Clark, State Representative, LD 24
Its your state. Own it.