Join the Shareholder's Protest of APS's Dark Money Policy

Screen_Shot_2015-04-20_at_8.35.58_AM.pngRecently, I have had many conversations with people who are tired of being bombarded with negative political ads from secretive sources. Arizonans are demanding transparency in elections. 

I share their concerns about “dark money” and the insidious role it plays in our democracy.  

In the 2014 election alone, undisclosed sources spent more than $3 million to influence the outcome of Corporation Commission races --the elected body that sets our utility rates and defines the future of our energy resources. It is widely believed that APS (and its parent company Pinnacle West) secretly spent a great deal of money to elect the very individuals who directly govern their business.

The messenger is the message in public debate, and there is no reason why Arizonans should not know who is trying to influence their votes.

Dark money undermines the trust we should have in the Corporation Commission, other elected bodies and our very democratic system.

The Arizona Legislature, the Secretary of State and the Governor have the ability to require corporations to disclose these campaign expenses, but they refuse to act. 

In response to these concerns, I am asking you to join me in support of an Pinnacle West shareholder’s protest.


Specifically, I am asking Pinnacle West stock shareholders to sign on to this Shareholder Resolution, which calls for Pinnacle West and APS to disclose how much dark money they contribute to elections and in public communications. 

If you own stock and you agree with the resolution, please register here so that my team can track our shareholder votes.

Please also attend the May 20th shareholder’s meeting at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. See this link for more details about what you need to do in order to attend and vote.

Unfortunately, if you did not own your Pinnacle West stock prior to March 12th, you cannot vote in this shareholder’s meeting. However, I still need your help with events and coordination that will happen between now and May 20th.

If you do not own stock, please also register here so that I can keep you updated. 

If you or your organization would like to join our effort, please contact me at 480-442-6176.

Please also help me organize this effort with a donation, here. Your support will allow me to organize and get the word out.

To learn the basics of shareholder resolutions, generally, please follow this link, provided by As You Sow is a creative nonprofit organization which promotes "environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy..."

There was a time when APS was truly a positive actor in our community. When I was in the legislature from 2003-2005 and then the Energy Office director from 2005-2006, I worked closely with APS and other utility companies on energy policy. 

At the time, APS was thinking creatively about the future of energy, had a general policy to stay out of Corporation Commission elections and disclosed its political expenditures in the spirit of transparency.

Unfortunately, under recent leadership, APS has chosen a stance which is secretive, adversarial and which undermines faith in our elected bodies.

If APS leadership will not listen to public concerns, then let's take the issue to shareholders directly. Our goal is to encourage APS policy and leadership which positively contributes to our community by speaking to its shareholders directly.

Despite recent discouraging news about corruption in our democracy, we do have the power to make positive change for the future of our state.

Please join us today. 

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