Public Safety

The simplest way to support public safety is to protect "state shared revenue." Ken voted to protect state shared revenue when he was a legislator previously, and he will again.

State shared revenue is the system by which sales tax (TPT) revenue is re-distributed from the state to cities and towns. Over the years, the legislature has attempted to reduce the proportion of those taxes that go back to the cities after being collected by the state. These changes have undermined funding for police, fire and city services.

Ken will also vote to preserve define pension plans for police and fire so we can support those who put their lives on the line for our safety.

Ken will work to amend 2013's SB1454, a provision of which prohibited home owner's associations from collecting criminal background checks on the tenants of property owners. The collection of criminal background checks has been an effective tool in preventing criminal activity in Phoenix.

Another indirect way that the Legislature can support public safety is to purchase more from locally-owned businesses. (Please see the issue briefing on economic development).