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Sept 16, 2013

Former State Representative Ken Clark Announces Run for LD 24, State House

Phoenix, Arizona Sept 16, 2013 –

Former State Representative Ken Clark is running for the State House in Legislative District 24 in the 2014 campaign cycle.

Clark will formally kick off his campaign on October 8th at 6pm at monOrchid Gallery at 214 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix AZ 85014. Among his many elected official endorsers are Minority Leader Chad Campbell (LD24) and Senator Katie Hobbs (LD24). (See below for more.)

Clark is a long-time advocate for Central Phoenix neighborhoods and families and is the only candidate in the race with experience in elected office.

Clark has chosen to run because he believes that Arizona's greatest days are still ahead.

According to Clark, "I believe that we are standing at a crossroads. We could resign ourselves to being a punch line for jokes on late night television talk shows. Or, we can choose an optimistic future in which Arizona has yet to make its boldest contribution to this world."

Clark, a realtor in Central Phoenix will be representing an area that is very similar to the area he represented from 2003 to 2005, at the time called District 15. 

During his time in the legislature, Clark was known as "the solar guy" due to his early interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. He was successful in securing solar panels for the Phase One of the Phoenix Civic Plaza rebuild.

He was also one of only two Democrats, and the only freshman House member in 2003 to pass any legislation. His legislation at the time allowed school districts to use "reverse auctions" to save money in the procurement process.

After his time in the legislature, Clark served as the state's Energy Office Director, working to further development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Arizona, as well as over-seeing the distribution of federal weatherization grants.

Following his departure from that position in 2006, he lobbied on behalf of large-scale renewable energy installation, leading the passage of legislation which lead directly to the installation of central station renewable energy projects all over the state.

In 2008, Clark managed the successful effort to defeat the payday lenders' misleading effort to enshrine predatory lending permanently in to Arizona Revised Statutes. The success of the No on Proposition 200 effort, co-chaired by Senators Debbie McCune-Davis (D) and Rep. Marion McClure (R) meant the end of short term predatory loans at over 400% interest, which were destabilizing poor households and borrowers.

In 2008 Clark became a Realtor and began building his business around dense urban areas and historic properties. 

He created the monthly Get Your PHX events in 2009, which brought out residents to support those business owners who were opening businesses in Central Phoenix and downtown. Those efforts expanded in to The Phoestivus Market, an annual open air Christmas market which creates opportunities for local businesses to sell products. The Phoestivus Market is now preparing for its fourth year of operations. In 2012 it hosted over 100 vendors, 11 food trucks and over 5,000 visitors over two nights.

Clarks believes that the same type of resiliency and creativity that helped revitalize historic neighborhoods and Downtown Phoenix can help address Arizona's most pressing problems: jobs for working families, improving education and creating sustainable communities.

"As a realtor I talk to people every day who are starting new businesses in Arizona. They are moving their families to Arizona because they hear the positive truth about what we are doing here. Some are teaching people about sustainable urban gardening. Some are pushing the city to build more bike lanes. Others are showing us the value of locally-owned businesses. All of these people have an optimistic vision for Arizona and I share that with them."

Clark can be reached through

Clark's list of supporters is constantly updated here

As of the writing of this press release, his list of elected official endorsements is as follows:

Elected Officials
Katie Hobbs, Senator, District 24
Chad Campbell, State Representative, District 24
Debbie McCune-Davis, State Representative, District 30
Eric Meyer, State Representative, District 28
Juan Mendez, State Representative, District 26
David Bradley, Senator, District 10
Tom Simplot, Phoenix City Councilman, District 4
Amy Kobeta, Phoenix Union School Board Member
Robin Stamp, Madison School District Board
Tiffany Troidl Arenas, Creighton Elementary School District Governing Board Member
Matt Jewett, Creighton Elementary School District Governing Board Member
Constable Carolyn Lane

Former Elected Officials
Sam Coppersmith, US Member of Congress (Ret.)
David Lujan, State Senator, District 15 (Ret.)