Pre-Primary Postulations


If you are reading this, you are probably going to the polls on Tuesday, or you have already voted by mail.

However, its crucial that we all reach out to friends of all parties to vote in this primary election. Folks often forget that the people elected in the primary in most districts are almost automatically elected in the general election. 

Of course, that's not ideal. But we can't change that between now and Tuesday. We can change the tone of our legislature by electing responsible folks in the primary election.

Here is a polling place locator for Maricopa County, where I serve.  I applaud the County Recorder for increasing the number of polling places so we don't have lines like we did in March.

Of course, that does not absolve her of her previous sins of voter disenfranchisement.

If you are in any other county, please check out this link

Please also share the Clean Elections Commission's Voter Guide. Its very handy. 

You know how I geek out on voter protection and elections issues. Please help me continue to educate voters about their rights and advocate for voter rights at the capitol with a contribution here. Thank you!

News Around the District
Yo Adrian1) After tens of thousands of voters stood in huge lines for hours to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary in March, it has become clear that it should be the end of the line for County Recorder Helen Purcell. In addition to this fiasco, she has failed to protect voters many ways. It's time for new blood. Adrian Fontes is a retired marine and attorney who will build a fair voting system in Maricopa County. He won't shirk before the legislature when he needs money for polling places, as Helen did. If you stood in line at the polls in March and want to tell your story, contact Adrian's campaign. I know he's looking to get your story out there.

2) Unstoppable LD 24 organizer Joe Russell is organizing a series of house parties around town at which you can meet candidates and get ready for November. Don't worry. No big fundraising pitch from what I'm told. The next one will be on September 17th at 5:30 in Central Phoenix. For event address and contact information, please contact Joe at

Brain Food
Dark_Animation.png1) I've seen the type of leadership current Senate President and congressional candidate Andy Biggs has exhibited over the years. He is disrespectful of voters and harmful to education and families. He is also a big supporter of dark money. I guess we will see next Tuesday, but it was interesting to see that dark money is actually playing a huge role against him in his own primary election. 

2) This was an intriguing article about a journalist who worked at a private prison for four months, and what he learned. Not many folks know that private prisons were able to engineer a law through our legislature a few years ago which prohibited us from truly investigating their budgets to see how taxpayer money is spent. Its another reason we need new leadership in our legislature.

3) Do you have one of those Keurig coffee machines? I almost bought one until I learned how terrible those little K-Cups are for the environment. They are not recyclable and the company sells billions of them every year. Even the inventor of the K-Cup regrets what he did. So, I went back to the good ol' coffee press. I've also learned that other companies have alternatives. Some similar products even use aluminum cups, which they will recycle for you! 

4) The next time somebody tells you that we need voter ID laws to protect our elections agains massive voter fraud, remind them that voter fraud hardly happens --certainly not as much as some legislatures discourage voting with unnecessary voter ID laws. Send them this article with a smiley face emoticon, just so they know you don't think ill of them. We just want them to know the facts.

Worst_Idea.png5) Every year I hear some well-meaning folks espouse the belief that we can privatize our national parks, or that they need to be "given back" to the state. The reality is that privatization won't work (see "prisons") and that we need to fully-fund our parks to ensure we continue to generate revenue from the jobs they create. Yes "create." This cartoon was precious as a reminder of this debate on this 100th anniversary of our National Park Service.