Post Election Thoughts

I had to stew for a day before taking a moment to thank you all for your kind support of my campaign.

I needed some time to think, not because I am unhappy in my victory, but because I was so shocked at our losses across the state. Our candidates were clearly superior. 

Terry Goddard, for one, has devoted his entire adult life to public service. He has done more for this state than any living Arizona public figure I can think of. For instance, think of him the next time you admire a beautiful historic home downtown, because he set in place many of the protections that they enjoy and which drive our local economy.

Similarly, David Garcia has more knowledge about about public education in his fingernails than his opponent could ever dream of.

Also, Jim Holway demonstrated in a public debate and every time he spoke that he has a deep knowledge about energy policy and his two opponents are empty shirts --effectively paid spokespeople for APS, which brazenly uses our rate-payer money to influence elections.

And the list goes on.

I gave myself the day to ruminate on how the people who don't turn out to vote really effectively voted for the same dysfunctional government that Arizona has had for decades. 

But, as we all know, I got it out of my system and now its time to get back on the horse. The LD24 race demonstrated that you don't need to have more money to win and that old fashioned campaign strategies work.

Watch for news from me in the next week or so about new ideas and efforts that I will launch, which will prepare us for 2016 and which will reach out to those folks who feel discouraged and disconnected from public policy.

I will ask for your help in that and I will ask you to remember that we can only win in 2016 by starting today.