Oct. 15 Newsletter Repost

We just finished a challenging special session at the state capitol, in which we were asked to vote in favor of the governor's plan to "put more money in to education", but which seriously limits the possibility of future education spending, while raiding necessary funds from our state trust land fund. 

Please watch the video here for an explanation of my vote and please stay tuned for updates on the important vote in May.

When all is said and done, we are now at 49th in the nation for per-pupil funding. We were at about 34th just over a decade ago and the "plan" might get us to 48th by 2026. 

News Around the District

a. November 18th is the big kickoff for your LD24 team. We will host it at the new McKinley Club as a celebration of our volunteers, our friends and the vision we all share for Arizona. Please see the Facebook event here and please register at this link.

b. November's BeAZ Our Veterans Day BeAZ Event offers a special opportunity to learn from ABILITY360 about their Advocacy Support Services for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Check this link, for information on October's event. We will post details in the next week. 

c. My esteemed seat-mate Rep. Lela Alston won a battle with lung cancer this year (while doing her legislative duties, by the way) GFAZ_Steven_Druker_Flyer_8.5_11_Final_02.jpgand we are all joining in to help her at the Lung Force Walk, this November 14th. We'd love to have you on our team. Please join by

d. Have you ever wondered about the role that genetically-modified organisms play in our bodies, our environment and politically? I'll be at this event on November 10th so that I can learn more. The speaker is a man who is currently suing the FDA over how they label food. This promises to be a hot topic. following this link.    

Brain Food
a. If you missed my series on Understanding the State Budget and Education Budgeting, I've put them all in a couple blogs. Check those out here and here. We tried to put this information in to digestible slides. And, really, nothing here is as complicated as fantasy football. I don't even try to figure that out!

b. While this linked blog article has a little more name-calling than I would usually include in my Brain Food section, I this the larger point it makes is valid: this GOP legislature has manufactured a constitutional crisis so that it can avoid doing its job to fund classroom education. Not only that, but the next battle that will take place will be with that same anti-education funding legislature and a newly-reinforced conservative court and it will be about the hundreds of millions of dollars that the state owes schools for maintenance of its buildings through the School Facilities Board. This is worth a read.

c. Some of you know that I am a podcast junkie. My suggestion for this week: Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. This guy goes in to entertaining detail on things like the run-up to World War I, the life and death of Genghis Khan and my favorite, Teddy Roosevelt. Find him free on iTunes or whatever service you use. Archived shows cost a nominal fee. These are great to exercise your brain to while you exercise your body or clean your house. At least, that's how I listen.