Oct 13th- Opportunities Abound

I'm here at the Changing Hands Bookstore coffee shop, thinking about our chances this year, and how people are looking at their ballots; just as I sit here admiring my doughnut and a coffee.

We have a better slate of candidates than I've seen in a long time. If we get out the vote, we really will usher in candidates who are reasonable, rational and pragmatic.

We could see the end of the days in which we are a punchline on late night TV.

Each and every one of us must reach beyond our circle of friends --beyond the comfort of our Facebook bubbles. 

Just today, I convinced a Republican friend of mine to support Fred, Terry, Felecia, David, Jim and Sandra. Can you do the same?

We can tell people why our candidates are more prepared to lead Arizona. Its simple --the majority of Arizonans want common sense, not ideology.

So, we have two events this week in which I'm asking your participation:

1. Thursday, October 16th at 5:30 pm, a bunch of great folks, such as Hon. Sam Coppersmith, Hon. David Lujan and Hon. Ruben Gallego, and many others, are hosting an event at Bliss/Rebar in support of my campaign. This is the last fundraiser of the election. Help us re-build the campaign reserves after that bruising primary election. Check out the Facebook invite here or please make a donation here.

2. Saturday, October 18th at 9:00 am, we will be walking for our LD24 team and for state-wide change. We will start from the Maricopa County Democratic Party HQ. Its beautiful outside and the contacts are friendly. If you don't feel comfortable walking, we will have phones ready, too. Please RSVP on the LD24 Facebook page or to kenclarkleadership@gmail.com

Can I count on your support?