Ken has a proven track record of supporting neighborhoods, through public safety support and historic preservation.

In 2008, Ken was asked by Senator Debbie McCune-Davis to manage the campaign to defeat the payday lenders' ballot initiative, which would have maee permanent their ability to charge over 400% interest for short-term loans. 

These loan sharks undermined neighborhoods and encouraged disastrous levels of indebtedness. Ken built an alliance with the Credit Union League, religious groups and neighborhood leaders to defeat the initiative. The payday lenders spent over $15 million in their failed attempt to pass their initiative and the alliance against the initiative defeated their effort with only about $150,000.

The loss of the initiative meant that over 200 payday lender operations in Arizona closed. However, these loan sharks are attempting to find ways to re-insert themselves in to Arizona and our neighborhoods.

Ken will:

Fight to prevent the loan sharks from returning and preying on hard working families.

Vote to protect state shared revenue, which provides fund to cities that they can in turn spend on community development block grants.

Ken will work to amend 2013's SB1454, a provision of which prohibited home owner's associations from collecting criminal background checks on the tenants of property owners. The collection of criminal background checks has been an effective tool in preventing criminal activity in Phoenix.