Equal Rights

Everybody should have the right enjoy the rights to marry, share property as they wish and the be free from discrimination in the workplace, based on their sexual orientation. 

More and more people across the country are coming to recognize these fundamental rights, as even the US Military has changed its policy on LGBT service members. 

Long before this political shift, Ken Clark was a supporter of the rights of the LGBT community and of same-sex couples. As a legislator, Ken supported efforts by the Arizona Human Right Fund to end discrimination in employment and landlord-tenant contracts.

In 2006, Ken worked directly for now-Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema to defeat the initiative to restrict the rights of same-sex couples and domestic partners.

Unfortunately, the forces behind that effort returned in 2008 to pass an initiative that restricted the rights of same-sex couples. However, the tide is turning and the day will come soon when Arizona will overturn its 2008 constitutional amendment against same-sex unions.

Opponents of equal rights often forget that, in addition to being an issue of fundamental human rights, this debate is about property rights. Current law makes it more difficult for same-sex couples to share property and inherit property. Opponents of the right to same-sex marriage would likely revolt if their personal property rights were restricted in the same way that they are for same-sex couples.

Ken is a Realtor®, and is proud that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) voted in 2010 to amend its Code of Ethics to prohibit members from discriminating against sexual orientation. This goes beyond the requirements of the Equal Housing Act.

Ken is also a member of One Community and believes that Arizona will prosper economically when it creates an environment where all citizens that access to the same basic rights.

Ken will fight in the Arizona Legislature to prevent further discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation and will fight for full funding for community health care and reproductive health services.


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