Legislative Update for Sept 30 2016

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Screen_Shot_2016-09-29_at_5.00.23_PM.pngWell, the voter registration deadline is October 10th. (We know that there are efforts to allow voters to register as late as the 11th, but let's play it safe here.) 

If you have any extra time to help register voters, now is the time to do it. We all know how close this election will be. So, every vote actually will count. If you want to help register voters, I suggest you contact the Democratic Party HQ at 602-928-4500.

I've been very impressed with the work of groups like Mi Familia VotaOne Arizona and many others in their efforts to register and educate voters. Thank you for all you do!

Naturally, I'll continue to find ways to empower and educate voters long after this election. Please help me continue my efforts with a contribution here. Thank you!

News Around the District
1) The fastest and most accurate way to register to vote is through the state's on-line system.  If you need to find information about your local county recorder, check this link

2) I'm guessing that you are already registered if you are reading this little bi-weekly screed. In that case, and if you live in Central Phoenix, please join us in our final efforts to register voters by calling the LD24 coordinator Joe Russell at (480) 329-4150.

Brain Food
augpoll-K12funding-09092016.png1) We've been saying it for years, so its no surprise: Arizonans are willing to spend more on education. Of course, that gets harder when you ask them where the funding will come from. But many if not most are willing to pay more taxes in order to pay for quality education.

2) Have you noticed those "articles" on social media with titles like "You Won't Believe the Look on Hillary's Face When She Heard This." More often the articles sound more legitimate than this. 

And, as such, we are often fooled in to believing that they are legitimate news sources. But, often when you look more closely, you can see that these "click bait" articles are published by organizations with no editorial oversight or professional fact checkers. 

Even worse, they are often just paid campaign hit pieces disguised at news. Here's a handy-dandy list of "news sites" that you should stay away from (on the left and the right). Together, we need to weed out the site that only perpetuate misinformation and make our political system more toxic.

3) Arizona tax attorney and former congressional candidate Bob Lord wrote this interesting reaction to Hillary Clinton's suggestion to increase the inheritance tax to 65%

Teddy Roosevelt first championed the inheritance tax, making the case that the inter-generational concentration of wealthy distorts our democracy and undermines the concept of a true meritocracy. Then in the 1980s, right wing pollsters invented the term "death tax", which distracted from the purpose of the inheritance tax and confused people about who actually gets taxed at this high rate (Answer: the super-rich). 

Now, we see it coming full circle at 1/10th of 1% of the wealthiest people control more than the lowest 90% of the population. What do you think we should do?