Legislative Update for October 10th, 2017


WTP_Initial_Panels.jpgWe are less than a month away from the second We the People summit. 

Part two of the three-part series, on Saturday November 4th at the Phoenix Renaissance Downtown will deliver a whole new list of workshop topics and national-level speakers. 

For those of you who missed the first conference, we have some repeat workshops. For those of you who went to the first conference, we have some next-level conversations. 

Please purchase your tickets today at the new We the People website, where you can also find videos and materials from the first summit. 

Prices will go up on October 16th, so don't miss out!

News Around the District
Lalo_Cota_Team_Painting.jpg1) Our kickoff party was a blast. Thank you all who attended. I was so honored by Lalo Cota's painting of our team. If you missed it, please join us for our next fundraiser at The Hive on 16th St. on October 10th. This tribute to the arts in Phoenix has been put together by some dedicated folks from the Coronado neighborhood. We will have a special viewing of illustrations by Maggie Keane, who is most famous for her mural of David Bowie on 7th St and her illustrations of the Trump clan. A new illustration of one local politician will be on display at this event. I wonder who it could be?

LD24_Logo-New.jpg2) The LD24 Democratic party is now meeting at Longview Elementary School at 1209 E Indian School Rd. We meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm (except for September). So, don't go by the old location, or you might find yourself standing outside the party HQ, looking at a locked door.  Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates. 

Brain Food
Electric Bus1) Electric buses are a huge part of our move to electrify out transportation infrastructure with the help of clean, renewable energy. Here's an article on that progress. The price of solar is already competitive with the price of natural gas and it beats coal (yes, BOTH have subsidies in the tax code). Arizona should take use the $53M that we got from the VW settlement and use that money to purchase electric buses, which we should tie to solar projects in low income schools.  

2) In the world of sustainability, I saw two articles in the last weeks that speak to the need for us to move quickly to change how we view the use of plastics, as well as reducing carbon. See this article, on how we are finding plastics in shell-fish, which is very far down the food chain, and which could have an impact on our own health. See this article on how increased carbon in the air may be causing plants to be less nutritious. So, when climate change deniers reach for the old "more carbon makes plants grow faster" argument, it may be that the plants that grow may have less protein and nutrients.  

3) You may have heard this already, but the website WalletHub did a survey of teachers around the country and found that Arizona is....wait for it.... dead last in terms of desirability as a place to be a teacher. So, when Republicans in the legislature try to tell you how much we are doing with such little funding for teacher pay (or when they cherry pick stats to talk about the top two or three charter schools in the country being in Arizona, as if that represents the entire state), be sure to remind them of what 27 years of tax cuts has bought us. 

Bruce Bartlett4) Take it from Bruce Bartlett, an advisor under Ronald Reagan, the GOP tax cut = job growth canard was blown out of proportion for political gain decades ago, and people still fall for it. Yes, sometimes we need to cut taxes. Other times (as Ronald Reagan did eleven times), we need to raise taxes. Arizona has hollowed out its infrastructure and schools chasing this unicorn. Its time to re-think our tax code so we can protect the middle class and poor from a terrible future.