Legislative Update for November 1st, 2017


WethePeople.jpgTicket sales for the We the People summit end on November 1st. Don't miss out!

Part two of the three-part series is this Saturday November 4th at the Phoenix Renaissance Downtown. We will deliver a whole new list of workshop topics and national-level speakers. 

For those of you who missed the first conference, we have some repeat workshops. For those of you who went to the first conference, we have some next-level conversations. 

Please purchase your tickets today at the new We the People website, where you can also find videos and materials from the first summit. 

News Around the District
Novel_Ice_Cream_Event.jpg1) We have two campaign events coming up. First, join us on December 2nd for a neighborhood positive sign-making party and fundraiser in the Homestead neighborhood. With so much negativity in the news, our co-hosts want to celebrate some positivity that you can post in your yard.  Second, join us on November 12th for an Ice Cream social at Novel Ice Cream on Grand Avenue. Novel is a fun little space with some really unique ice creams.  

LD24_Logo-New.jpg2) The LD24 Democratic party is now meeting at Longview Elementary School at 1209 E Indian School Rd. We meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm.  Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates. 

Brain Food
1) Are you addicted to your smartphone? Here's a great article to make you think about taking that Facebook app off your phone. I've been thinking about taking Facebook off my phone, but I've not brought myself to it yet. Maybe that's a sign.  

2) Another day, another proclamation from the Trump administration that they will somehow save the coal jobs in the country --and that the loss of coal jobs is all President Obama's fault. Of course a basic understanding of economics and the energy industry tells a different story.  According to this article coal-fired power has declined 33% since 2011, but only 3.5% of that is attributable to environmental regulations.

3) The disaster in Puerto Rico has created an opportunity to rebuild a transmission and electrical system in a way that is more stable and more environmentally friendly. Of course, the Trump administration has already missed the boat --not only because it rejects grid stabilizing renewable energy, but also because its administrator handed out a no-bid gift to his friend to rebuild the electric grid. It is nice to see that Elon Musk is schooling the administration by installing batteries and panels on a hospital, thus bringing it quickly back on line. 

4) I'm sorry I did not get this article out before we all purchased Halloween candy from the Mars candy company, who is using their massive wealth to avoid the taxes that most other folks have to pay. I checked Snopes and Politifact. There was no repudiation of the points of this article. Plus, the Atlantic did a nice piece last year on the history of the estate tax and the wealthy forces trying to eliminate it.