Legislative Update for Nov 14 2016


Its been a heck of a week.

VideoScreenshotNov14.pngHowever, I wanted to share my two cents on the election and what is coming next. Please have a look at my latest video update for that by clicking the image to the right or at this link.

I'm getting ready for legislative session, which promises to be quite a bit different than it was the last to years. I'll have an update soon about what bills I plan to run and what topics. If you have an opinion on the issue, feel free to send me your thoughts.

As usual, I pledge to work to represent you and fight for children, families, voter rights and a clean environment. Please help me continue my efforts with a contribution here. Thank you!

News Around the District
1) Every two years the political parties in each legislative district reorganize their leadership. The LD24 reorganization meeting will be held on November 21st at the Maricopa County Democratic HQ at Thomas and Central. See this link for more information. This is an OPEN MEETING and all may attend. Note that only elected precinct committee persons may vote. We will be selecting state committee persons, as well as elect a new Executive Board. Nominations will occur from the floor and all qualified persons shall be able to run.

If you are inspired by this election's terrible outcome to get more involved, this is the time to do it. 

2) If you are not inspired to observe our leadership elections, please consider attending our regular monthly meetings. They happen the second Tuesday of the month at 7pm. They have recently been bouncing around, location-wise. Campaign activities displaced us the last few months. But they will probably be back at our usual location in December. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information. 

It comes down to this. If you've stayed away from the Democratic party for any reason, now is the time to re-engage. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. But the people you will meet are dedicated, caring and open to your help. Please join us.

Brain Food
1) In the video above I mentioned a podcast called The United States of Anxiety, from WNYC radio. I found this series to be eye opening in its ability to dissect and explore why people voted for Donald Trump, despite their concerns about his behavior. I believe this series is the first start in getting exploding the bubbles that divide us as a nation so that we can truly heal and progress.

Ranked Choice2) I was lucky in 2006 that I was allowed to work on an election in the state of Victoria in Australia, which is conducted using ranked choice voting. Put simply, ranked choice voting is where you rank the candidates on your ballot in the order you would like to see them take office. It is surprisingly simple and has a huge impact on how the public feels about the outcome of an election. 

Think of it this way. In America the 49% of the voters who lost in most elections are most often very unhappy with the outcome. However, where people use ranked choice voting --also known as "instant run-off voting", you may not see your first choice candidate elected, but you likely see your second or third choice elected. That difference fundamentally changes how we think of each other as fellow citizens and how willing we are to work together after an election.

Last week, Maine became the first state in the country to institute ranked choice voting. This is a huge step forward. There was an effort in Arizona almost ten years ago to implement this in one city (I think Glendale, but don't quote me). People are initially confused by how votes are counted. But I have found that once you see it in action, you will be a convert. 

I believe that this might be a better answer to our efforts to create more responsive elected bodies than the top-two primary system. I hope now people will begin to see it in action.