Legislative Update for Mar. 12th, 2017


Bill_Process.pngThings change around the capitol day-to-day. As such, I'm sharing some links that might help you follow the legislative process, as well as organize with other folks out there. 

First, please have a look at these very short videos about how the legislative process works, and about the secret sleight of hand that the backers of the anti-Voter Protection Act are trying to play on us.

Stay tuned on this YouTube page for a video on how the budget process works and what you can do to weigh in on it, coming next week.

Second, have a look at this Google document. Its a long list of important bills, but it is easy to scan by topic. Thanks to Melinda Merkel Iyer, for preparing this and keeping it up to date. Its a lot of work!

VoteExplain.jpgThird, in case you are tired of watching reruns of Seinfeld and Desperate Housewives, waiting for House of Cards to come back on, have a look at this video. This is my explanation on the House floor of how damaging the anti-Voter Protection Act legislation could be to our state. 

In other news, I've moved four bills out of the House and on to the senate as of now:

HB2054 would require any out-of-state corporation that intends to spend money in campaigns in Arizona to first register with the Corporation Commission. If they do not, they would be operating illegally.

HB2055 makes it easier for you to fix any defects on your ballot after you've voted. I learned that many people's votes did not count because their signature on the ballot envelope, for example, was rejected. But, they were not notified by the county elections office so they could fix it in time for the vote count. This would require the county election officials to notify you and give you a reasonable chance to fix the error so your vote will count.

HB2074 appropriates $200,000 for historic preservation at the State Fair Grounds, such as the 1938 WPA building. It is past time that we protect these historic buildings at the fair grounds and implement a vision to renovate the entire fair grounds so we can create more economic activity, year-round. This bill will hopefully begin that process.

HB2321 eliminates the practice of "cumulative voting" in home owner associations, by which one owner can stack his or her votes for one board position. This causes problems when investors own multiple properties in HOAs. When they stack their votes and own multiple properties, a minority of the property owners can control the property rights of the majority of owners. That's just unfair and counter to the concept of one person-one vote. 

News Around the District
1) In coordination with our LD24 African American Advisory Group and AZ Humanities, we hosted open conversations about policing in Arizona and about educational opportunities in our state as relates to the African American community. Thanks to all who attended. We had both Republican and Democratic elected officials in attendance, as well as capitol staff. We are planning more now.

2) On March 25th we are hosting a fundraising brunch in support of my 2018 campaign. Join with 50 or so friends for a fun and engaging brunch at Mother Bunch Brewery, with special guest speaker Isabel Chavez from Chicanos por la Causa, who will speak about recent advances against domestic violence and how you can get involved.  Please see this Facebook invite for more.

Stand_with_PP.png3) In past years, I've hosted a table at the Planned Parenthood lunch. Something tells me that this year I could fill two tables at the April 13th lunch at the Biltmore Resort. 

Tickets are $100 each. If you'd like to join me at my table, please shoot me a message. But hurry, I'm told they are already 80% full.  

Cecile Richards, President of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, will be the keynote speaker. In addition, Planned Parenthood will be honoring Drs. Eric Meyer and Sarah Snell for their steadfast support of women’s health and reproductive rights. 

4) The Phoenix One Foundation is hosting its 4th Annual golf tournament on Friday, April 21st at the Legacy Golf Club. The proceed go to grants to support teachers in Phoenix Elementary School District #1, including after-school activities and sports and will provide critical funds for continued parent education, technology, and cultural enrichment outside the classroom. 

Brain Food
The GOP leadership are pushing a number of ill-advised bills now. One that I spoke against ardently was HCR2029. It would effectively allow one legislative district to uphold the will of all 29 other districts if voters were attempting to put an initiative on the ballot. See this article and this article for more background.

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