Legislative Update for June 21, 2017


If you don't already know about the We the People Summit on June 24th, well, I hope you enjoyed your rafting trip down the Amazon. Welcome back to this world. 

This is kinda a big deal. Please follow this link to make your reservation. 

CRITICAL NOTE: Registration cuts off Thursday night, the 22nd. There is NO same-day registration.

See this link for the schedule and list of panels. This entire conference will be digital. So, bring your laptop, tablet or smart phone and you will be able to download conference materials on the go.

In other news, if you like the work that I've done to organize for change, please contribute to my re-election campaign at this link on my website.

News Around the District
Invitation-2017-06-29_Little_Woody.jpg1) The LD24 Dems meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm. Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates. Since the attendance has grown, we may move to a new location.

2) June 29th is part three of the Summer Chill Series of fundraisers for my campaign. The owners of Little Woody’s, Phoenix’s first concept speakeasy, are inviting us to a night of trivia with the trivially-famous DJ Heimbuck. Join in for just a $50 suggested contribution or build a team for $200. The trivia topics are fun and relevant and there will be prizes for the best teams.

Please RSVP at this link

We will have more events throughout the summer, and some will be specifically more family-friendly, too. So, stay tuned on the campaign Facebook Page

Brain Food
1) I'm happy to have long conversations about media bias on the left and on the right. It is a thing, and there are better and worse sources for news. However, when a "news" source blatantly uses tactics to manipulate its viewers and those tactics are documented by one of the people who actually implemented the tactics, it might be time to pay attention. Enter stage right, Tobin Smith, who was a paid contributor for Fox News for 14 year and who writes this illuminating article on how the network deliberately mislead their target audience for profit. Don't share this with your conservative friends right now. Just hold on to it until you have your own debate about media bias. Then dare them to read it.

Kris Kobach2) Most of you know that I've been working for years to protect voting rights. The false and insidious narrative from the right that thousands or millions of people are fraudulently voting is simple to disprove --just ask the Republican county recorders and poll watchers to actually do the work. But, facts be damned, people like Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach have been spinning lies for years about voter fraud, clearly with an eye toward disenfranchisement. To me, that's just un-American at its core. Here's an in-depth article about Kobach and the many years he's been working to deny people their voting rights. Sit down for this one.

Tom Scott on 7 Illegal Things To Do In A British Election3) On a lighter side, from the other side of the pond, can you imagine if we had laws like those represented in this video governing our elections? What do you think the result would be? For instance, each member of parliament can't spend more than about $19,000 in their election campaigns. Or, candidates can't advertise on television. Best of all, the posters and signs must be taken down within two weeks. The fellow in the photo, BTW, is not a younger Ken Clark in an ill-fitting hoodie, but Tom Scott, who does a whole series of interesting and nerdy videos on YouTube. I'm a fan.

4) In this last legislative session the Democrats made a big push to force the Republicans to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which made the Republicans squirm like a 5-year old with a cavity in a dentist's chair. It was quite an entertaining sight to see the GOP legislative leaders confronted by their own hypocrisy. This is a great column that covers many of the fallacies about the ERA, as well as why it is still possible to pass it.

Interesting note for all of those historical revisionists who like to pretend that the Republican party of today is just as progressive as the Republican Party of Lincoln or even the early days of women's rights movement:  "Ironically, the Republican Party was the first to adopt the ERA on its party platform in 1940. The Democrats did not adopt it until 1944. Unfortunately the Republican Party removed the ERA from its platform in 1980." Just more evidence that the worst elements of the historic Democratic party left during the civil rights era to join the Republican party.