Legislative Update for June 1, 2017


Ywethepeople-flyer_new.jpgou may know that I've been doing the big push for the We the People Summit on June 24th. Please follow this link to make your reservation. It is only 23 days away. I can't encourage you strongly enough to attend, and invite your friends. 

It comes down to this: thousands of people have been getting involved since the last election. But if we are going to affect change, we simply must organize, train, network and plan. That is what the We the People Summit is about. 

Some folks have been asking about the workshops and panels before they commit to going. Please follow this link for that. The list of panelists and bios is coming next week. We have some great people for this conference. 

Clearly, this is our first major unified step in organizing for change. This is the first of its kind in Arizona and I'm asking you to be part of this historic beginning. 

If you are coming from out of town, please send a message to wethepeoplesummit@gmail.com for information about the hotel discounts that we are working on for you.

In other news, if you like the work that I've done to organize for change, please contribute to my re-election campaign at this link on my website.

News Around the District

1) The LD24 Dems meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm. Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates. Since the attendance has grown, we may move to a new location.

2) I'm going to the June 10th Democratic Party Heritage Awards Dinner, and I think Jason_Kander.pngyou'll really like this one. The guest speaker is an Internet sensation, Jason Kander. Remember that video of the former Army National Guard member who ran for federal senate in 2016, who assembled his rifle in about 30 seconds? It was not only breathtaking, but also an incredible way to make a point about gun safety. Yep! That guy is gonna be our guest speaker. I'm lobbying for him to assemble his gun for us. Get your ticket here and help me lobby.

Invitation-2017-06-15_Hidden_Track.jpg3) We are putting together a Summer Chill Series of fundraisers for my campaign, with an emphasis on interesting experiences, which you can share with your friends. Our second, on June 15th will be at Hidden Track Cafe, the companion to the Hidden Track Bottle Shop. This is gonna be a wine tasting --just without the long drive, the snooty patrons and the stale crackers of questionable origin. We are raising money, enjoying wine and supporting local businesses, all at once! Suggested contribution is $100, and you can RSVP at this link

We will have more events throughout the summer, and some will be specifically more family-friendly, too. So, stay tuned on the campaign Facebook Page

Brain Food
1) Here's an interesting read by Paul Krugman about the differences in the political parties, highlighted by the Trump ascendancy. The short story: the left is much less in lock step than the right. So, those who are real connectors and collaborators in the movement will make the most headway for the general good.

2) We know that GOP leaders in many states look for reasons to throw people off the rolls. Now, the supreme court is taking up a case that could make those types of games easier to plan --and voting even harder. See this article

3) Last week I posted on Facebook about some white supremacists who were protesting senate candidate Deedra Aboud. A couple of them tried to draw me in to a flame war on the post, saying that the people protesting her were just concerned citizens. The muslim-bashing signs from the protest, of course, countered that argument. But, then the New Times did this story with more information on who the protesters were. Lesson: don't be bullied by the alt-right. 

4) We've known for a long time that the super-wealthy have many tools at their disposal to avoid taxes. That's about as obvious as sunshine in Phoenix. But, with massive document leaks in recent years, researchers are finding more evidence that the wealthier the tax payer, the more likely that they will take steps to avoid taxes.  Check out this story from the Washington Post. Of course, the next question is, if the GOP really believes in the rule of law as they honk about daily, will they spend the resources on the IRS and the Arizona Department of Revenue to catch tax cheaters? We know the answer to that, don't we?