Legislative Update for August 28th, 2017


You may have seen this announcement of our LD24 team for the 2018 campaign. 

It's always been an honor to serve with Lela Alston, and I know she will continue the fight in the Senate. I'm proud to support John Glenn. He has been working selflessly in LD24 for years and I know the he will be a positive addition in our fight for families, education, civil rights and much more.

I chose John because I know him to be a true work horse. He puts in the hours and he has done so for years, quite unselfishly.

That is what we need when it comes to our legislature and what we are up against in Arizona. I know that John will take the time to read, study, communicate and negotiate. 

Please mark your calendars for our team kickoff on Sept. 28th, and stand by for details about this coming celebration, and please help me gear up by contributing here. Every dollar helps.

News Around the District

arizona_confederate_monuments_graphic_final.jpg1) It is long past time for Arizona's confederate monuments to be taken down. There should be no place in Arizona for monuments of hate and racial violence. We're calling for an open meeting with Governor Doug Ducey and other state officials so that we can make our voices heard. Sign the petition here. To those who believe that taking monuments down serves to erase history in some way, I would point out that there is a difference between telling history and endorsing it with taxpayer dollars. It is my belief that we should install them in museum settings, which allow us to put them in context --the context of slavery, economic suppression, intimidation and the denial of rights which continues today.  

LD24_Logo-New.jpg2) IMPORTANT NOTE. The LD24 Democratic party is now meeting at Longview Elementary School at 1209 E Indian School Rd. We meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm. The attendance has been so great over the last 9 months that we needed a new location. 

So, if you've stayed away recently because our last meetings have been more crowded than a Japanese subway car, please join us this Thursday where you will find more elbow room and the same great people. Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates. 

Brain Food
1) You've heard me talk about it before: the idea of voter fraud in America and Arizona is exaggerated by Republicans. Some do so because they really don't want to investigate or believe the truth (supported by Republican election directors). Some, because they are cynically attempting to manipulate the fears of voters. Here is a great article from the Arizona Republic about the number of times voter fraud actually takes place, and is serious enough to prosecute. Spoiler alert: Its not much.


2) I watched An Inconvenient Sequel a couple weeks ago. I really encourage you to see it. Not only does it demonstrate how prophetic Al Gore was back then, but also how regular people are taking the issue seriously. If nothing else, good ticket sales will really irritate the president. 

3) Is Trump DOJ throwing out a dragnet against the left, but not the right? See this LA Times story in which the DOJ seems to go further than the warrant issued by a DC Superior Court Judge and seeks a very broad range of information. I'm not ready to go so far, as E.J. Montini does, and say that the DOJ is NOT seeking such broad information from right-wing groups. Its just really hard to argue a negative like that. But, issuing calls for information that are so broad in response to specific property crimes sure feels like a dragnet --and we should be concerned whenever it happens.

4) There is a reason that I love Ben & Jerry's, in addition to the taste of their product --they put their money where their mouths are. Have a look at this article that illustrates that systemic racism is real. The concept of systemic racism is hard for many Americans to swallow because they take it to mean that somebody is telling them they are bad people. In reality, awareness of the system is the beginning of creating change.  Also, check out the other article at the end of this article about redistricting. 

5) The courts have thrown out (again) voter ID laws in Texas. This is a big deal. Have a look at this article about what happened and why the court was so clear about throwing out this law. In short, there is a difference between "discriminatory effect" and "discriminatory purpose" and how Texas legislature has been found doing the later in voting laws. This is similar to how the courts threw out the Arizona legislative ban on ethnic studies. The ban was found to have a clear discriminatory intent. 

6) Finally, in case you've not seen this and you need a nice reference for that debate you may have with your family and friends at the next weekend barbecue, here is a clear list of why Sheriff Joe Arpaio was originally convicted and here's the Justice Department complaint from 2015 I believe that details Joe's wide-spread crimes against people's constitutional rights. if people were more aware of all the things that he did (as well as the $140M he cost the county over his time in office), they would be less likely to agree with the misguided pardon from the president.