Legislative Update for April 24th, 2017

If you've not seen our announcements on social media, let me be the first to tell you about the first We the People Summit

wethepeople-flyer_low_res.jpgThe We the People Summit is a series of three conferences designed to bring together individuals, grassroots organizations, and established nonprofits to collaborate and support change in Arizona. The first conference will be June 24th at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Over the last few months, we have seen a political awakening in the state of Arizona.  Thousands have begun to get involved with our government in new and innovative ways.  

Many folks have been asking how to get started or what to do next. Well, we will have 36 workshops and panels to cover everything from how to run for office to how to become a real citizen lobbyist. Stay tuned at this link for an announcement of all of the conference workshop. You will meet people who are new to activism, as well as those who have been at it for decades.

The We the People Summit series will bring these individuals and groups together to begin a conscious collaboration for a better Arizona.

Tickets are on sale now at this link for the first We the People Summit! 

If you like the work that I do, not only for my legislative district, but to help organize people all over Arizona, please contribute to my re-election campaign. Please make a contribution of any level at this link on my website.

Thank you!

News Around the District

NOW.jpg1) The NOW State Convention will be on May 13th. In addition to electing new new board members, you can hear from speakers on how to build organizational strength, as well as on being a more effective community activist. 

2) The LD24 Dems meet every second Thursday of the month at 7pm. Stay tuned to this Facebook page for updates.

3) April 29th will see the People's Climate March at the Arizona State Capitol. Like many protest before it, this march seeks to maintain awareness about current policies that, through their ignorance of the truth about climate change, endanger the safety and welfare of the entire human population. 

Brain Food
1) Kaja Brown of the Bungalow Show (typically broadcast from the Phoenix Center for the Arts) came down to the capitol to interview me. Here's part 1 of the interview.

2) We got some state and national press on the passage of the horrendous bills that effectively take away your rights to the initiative process. Here's a little coverage in US New and World Reports and The Daily Sun. Let's hope that there will be enough support tor a repeal of this language at the ballot. It may be the only way to protect our rights.

Losing_Teacher_Facts_1.JPG3) At the end of last week, the Morrison Institute published a preview of its "Losing Teachers Fact Sheet." The take-away: this state is losing more teachers to other professions or other states every year than it graduates from its universities. In other word, the thing that we've been saying for years about state funding for teachers has been proven once again --if you don't pay them, you will lose them.