Help us Defeat Dark Money

Arizona needs your help regarding the urgent issue of the Dark Money Act --a law that endangers the very fabric of our democracy in Arizona. 

As you may recall, the Dark Money Act, SB1516, will open up our state to levels of corruption never seen before in Arizona. 


See my op-ed on the topic for more. 

In the dark of night, the legislature passed another bill, HB2296, which is trying to force you to go to the ballot twice in order to overturn the Dark Money Act. Please see this column by Laurie Roberts and this news article for explanations of how this unprecedented trick works.


You don't have to agree with me about the threat of dark money to understand that, if they are successful with this little game, the public's constitutional right to challenge laws from the legislature will be effectively eliminated.

Imagine any issue that you care about --education, the environment, human rights. Now please understand that lawmakers who are controlled by dark money will not be able to make decisions based on the merits of the law. Rather, they will respond (and already do) to the threats issued by those with the most money to hide.

We have just launched a referendum so that you, the voter, have a right to vote this law down. In Arizona, we have the right to take any bill passed by the legislature to the ballot so that the public can vote on it. We will collect about 75,000 valid signatures for each of these bills and we will fight this thing together. 

Here is how you can help.

1) Please sign up here and let me know how you are willing to help. We need volunteers to collect petitions, help check petitions, recruit more volunteers, fundraise and many other things.

2) Go to our new website, and make a contribution. We are a people-powered effort, but we still need your support to pay for petitions, organizing, etc.

3) Share this post with your friends. We can only win if we stand together.

News Around the District
DarkMoneySun.pngOn May 18th we will take a positive step in the effort to clean our state of Dark Money, at the Shareholder Protest of APS (Pinnacle West). We will be present to make it clear to APS shareholders that support for dark money is bad for business and bad for rate payers. It is too late to purchase a share, but you can still participate. Learn how here.

Brain Food
a. While we are on the issue of dark money, here is a great article on how some in the financial world are coming to learn just how dark money is bad for business.

b. Not to be all doom and gloom, here is a great TED Talk about how we can begin to have an optimistic view of our ability to prevent catastrophic climate change. Just don't let your conservative friends know that you watched a presentation by Al Gore.

c. If you are helping to collect petitions signatures for our effort, please see this video of Terry Goddard explaining how to collect petitions properly. The GOP legislature has for years been making it more difficult to collect petitions using "strict compliance", which means that even one mistake on a petition will get the entire petition thrown out.