The Arizona Legislature does a disservice to its children by perpetually under-funding education, by mis-appropriating tax money in support of wealthy private schools and by allowing our school buildings to deteriorate.

See the main issues page for more on the problems this negligence causes for Arizona's economic development. 

Ken has a track record and experience supporting education as a legislator. In 2003, he was one of only two Democratic legislators who passed any bills at all, and the only freshman. His bill allowed school districts to use "reverse auctions" to save money on school procurement. The most famous reverse auction is, on which the customer sets a price that they are willing to pay for a product and the suppliers work to meet that price, rather than the other way around. This allowed schools to gain the upper hand in purchasing classroom and administrative supplies.

District 24 needs this kind of creative thinking.

As a legislator he will:

Vote to require charter schools to follow standard accounting practices, which all governments, public companies and public non-profits must follow.

Support Common Core standards and funding so that Arizona students will be educated to at least the same level as students in competing markets and countries.

Fight to fully-fund the School Facilities Board so that our school buildings are safe,  well-maintained and energy efficient.

Work to end the practice of building schools on a lease-to-own basis. This practice costs the state more to build schools than if they simply paid outright or bonded for new school construction --saving money that could better be spend in the classroom, rather than lining the pockets of real estate developers.