Democratic Priorities for 2016


The 2016 legislative session has just started and the Democrats in the House and the Senate have already released a substantive policy and budget plan.

Arizonans are independent and innovative. There is no good reason why, nearly a decade after the Great Recession began, so many people are still struggling in this state, especially when most of the country has already recovered. It is a failure of leadership from the Republicans, and that has to change now.

Democrats have a clear vision that will move us all forward by focusing on five key areas:  public education, supporting the community, public safety, economic development, and responsible stewardship of our natural resources.

Public schools and universities should have the resources needed to prepare our students for the future. Vulnerable children in our communities should be able to trust agencies like the Department of Child Safety to ensure their well-being.

Arizona’s taxpayers should feel confident their hard-earned tax dollars will be used to encourage job growth, and they must no longer shoulder the burden of special interest tax cuts that show no real benefit to the economy.

Public safety should not be a for-profit endeavor; the corrections system needs oversight, transparency and meaningful sentencing reform. Our state’s natural resources should be managed to guarantee their availability for generations to come and to keep tourists visiting our great state. These are the priorities that will get our state back on track.

We cannot afford to remain mired in the failed policies of the past. Already, we have seen the governor's proposal again short-change education, working families and those in most need among us.

Democrats will work to reform, restore and reinvest in policies that will strengthen our state. This needs to be a year of progress.

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