Dec. 7th Newsletter Repost


I wanted to start off this newsletter by thanking all of you for helping Katie, Lela, and I kick off our campaigns at the McKinley Club on the 18th of last month. We all celebrate your efforts and rely on you to help us create the vision we all share for Arizona. 

The campaign is starting to kick into high gear in preparation for the new year, and it can only succeed with your help. This year's goal is to raise $2,000 by the end of December to help pay for campaign supplies. Every penny counts. Let's really start 2016 strong. Please donate any amount here today. 

News Around the District

This month's BeAZs event is focused on giving back to our community. This Wednesday, December 9th, BeAZ will be visiting St. Mary's Food Bank. Please grab a few non-perishable food items from your pantry or pick up a few cans at the grocery store to help our neighbors who don't always have the means to eat a full meal. You can RSVP for the event here.

Please join me in supporting Tom O'Halleran for Congress this Saturday the 12th.When I was in the legislature the first time, Republican Rep. Tom O'Halleran was one of the Republicans who worked hard to find solutions, rather than tow the ideological line. He left the Republican party and became a Democrat because he saw how far to the right his party had gone. Now, as candidate for Arizona's CD 1 seat, he has the demeanor and experience to work across party lines for his district. Please join me in supporting Tom next Saturday. 

Brain Food

a. These are the best 15 minutes I've seen on the American healthcare system. Plus, John Green is really entertaining as he explains a complicated topic. Here's the first video and here's the second. 

b. Representative Raul Grijalva wrote an Op Ed on how helping the coal industry meet carbon emission standards and become competitive with natural gas energy means accepting global warming as a threat: A truth some Republicans may go to their graves denying.

c.  Regardless of where you are on the top-two primary initiative, Donna Gratehouse's blog post last week on the subject presents an enlightening way to think about the much-sought-after independent voter. "Presenting voters who pay little to no attention to what is going on with ballots on general election day with only two options for each race and no information about the candidates aside from their name is not going to shock them into becoming instant experts." 

d. On why Dems are losing elections in poor areas -- the poor don't vote. What should Dems do? See this article and also this article on the topic.