August 3rd Newsletter Repost

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--------------------------------------August 3 Email------------------

2015-08-03_Video_Screenshot.jpgPlease help me send a message to Secretary of State Michelle Reagan: we will not stand for dark money in our political system by signing this petition today

Secretary Reagan was first against dark money when she ran in her primary election in 2014.

Then, after she won her general election with the help of dark money, she changed her tune.  

Now, at the same time she is promoting "stakeholder meetings" to reform our campaign funding rules, she has gone on record saying that there is no way to disclose dark money in our elections.

But we know that other states have found reasonable ways to disclose where dark money comes from.

Please lend your voice and share this petition with two friends. If you'd like to join me at these stakeholder meetings to advocate for true reform, please contact me directly.

Let's let Secretary Reagan know that we deserve open and fair elections in Arizona.

News Around the District
a. Join the Joint LD24 Team Fundraiser at Stacy's on Melrose, August 27th. Please check out our Facebook page, here. It will be a nice break from the heat. I hope to see you there.

b. At the Next BeAZ Even, we are getting an exclusive tour of Barrow's Neurological Institute! Check this link for more on the Facebook invite, and don't forget to reserve your spot by filling out the registration form by clicking this "Get Tickets" link!

Brain Food
a. This is an incredible ProPublica article on how federal farm subsidies are financing the growing water crisis in the west. It gives you an easy-to-read primer on the history of this issue and (another article on) how we got in to our current situation. This incredible story features a traditional cotton farmer who speaks to how our current path is unsustainable. 

b. Once you've read that, or if you prefer listening to it, here's the Fresh Air interview with the author, who details how changes in policy could put us on the right track.

c. Here is another article by the same ProPublica author on how AZ and CA are mis-counting their water supply.

d. Learn about the EPA carbon emission reduction plan. I'm on the legislative committee that will review our state response to the EPA plan. Here's a Washington Post article that demonstrates that, contrary to all of the belly-aching around Arizona, the new EPA rules on carbon will ultimately not be as difficult as the coal industry claims, or as costly to implement as some claim.

annual education funding needse.Here's some great background on why Governor Ducey's plan to raid the state trust lands for meager school funding is insufficient. See chart.

Thank you!

Ken Clark, State Representative, LD 24