August 31st Newsletter Repost

Aug31_Video_Screenshot.pngSome of you did not see this important petition a few weeks ago, sending a message to Secretary of State Michelle Reagan to reject dark money in our political system.

Please sign this petition today then, please forward the petition on to at least one friend and help me send that message.

I attended Secretary Reagan's meeting last week in which her staff presented how they would "fix" the campaign finance system with, of course, no solution to the dark money issue.

News Around the District
The last BeAZ tour of Barrow's Neurological Institute was a huge success. We got to experience brain surgery from the same high-tech observation room used by doctors and residents. Check this link, for information on September's event at the Arizona School for the Arts. 

Brain Food
a. If you find elections law and voter suppression difficult to get your head around, I understand. Listen to this incredible interview on the history of the voting right act and how current laws could endanger the 2016 elections. Its a great thing to pop on your smart phone while your cleaning the house on a Sunday. That's what I do. Its like absorbing great information by osmosis!

b. I've been studying the new federal Clean Power Plan recently. I've learned a lot about what people say it does, versus what it actually does. Here are the first and second blog posts about it from last week.

c. A supporter of a clean energy future showed me this very powerful app for your phone, which I encourage you to get. It is called Skeptical Science. It lays out every argument that you will hear against the reality of global warming and gives you counter arguments, along with citations. It is so very handy when you find yourself in a discussion with a climate change denier and need quick facts. If you have Apple, get it here. If you are on Android, I'm told they have it in your app store.

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Ken Clark, State Representative, LD 24