Act Today!

While Ken always appreciates your support for his efforts, we know that sometimes you want to act in when the legislature is about to pass some mindbogglingly bad legislation.

For that, we have developed these two lists.

The first is a handy-dandy list of ways to participate via media and social media.

The second is a topic-organized and alphabetized list of groups that are action-oriented, and that need volunteers today.*


I. How to Participate

To know more about how to participate in the legislative process please visit this website:

To continue to tweet, post of Facebook and talk to friends, colleagues and families about the dangers of this budget proposal.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Use hashtags like: #AZBackwards #FundAZFuture #AZLeg
  • Create an echo chamber! Share other people’s messages!
  • Find your legislators on Twitter and Facebook – most of them have pages. Don’t know who your legislator is? You can find them with resources at:
  • Keep the message simple two or three points:
  • Funding for education is a priority for Arizonans.
  • Instead of paying attention to what the people of this state want, the Republicans are continuing to push their agenda which protects and promotes special interests.
  • A budget is a statement of values.
  • This budget states clearly that they value special interests over students. It is irresponsible and shortsighted. And there are other options!

II. When to Post:

Here is is a helpful guide for when you’re deciding what to post, on what platform and when!

III. Be Sure to Share Photos and Videos


Studies show that people are more likely to look at and share photos and videos!

IV. Social Media Cheat Sheet

If you would like to contact the media via social media, here is a list of twitter handles

A) Print Media

Arizona Capitol Times/ The Yellow Sheet Report
General - @AzCapitolTimes@theyellowsheet
Jim Small - @JimSmall
Hank Stephenson @hankdeanlight

Arizona Republic

General - @azcentral @arizonarepublic
Mary Jo Pitzl - @maryjpitzl
Alia Rau - @aliarau
Yvonne Wignett Sanchez- @yvonnewingett
Linda Valdez - @valdezlinda
Joanna Allhands - @joannaallhands
Laurie Roberts - @laurieroberts

Arizona Legislative Report
General - @AZLegReport, @aznewsservice

Arizona News Wire
General - @AZnewswire

Associated Press 
General - @ap
Bob Christie - @APChristie

Capitol News Service
Howie Fischer - @azcapmedia

Business Journal
General – @phxbizjournal
Mike Sunnucks - @mikesunx
Adam Kress - @Kressonbusiness

B) Television

AZ Family 3
General - @azfamily
Dennis Welch - @dennis_welch

General - @kpho_headlines@CBS5AZ
Sean Kline - @shawnkline

Fox News 10
General - @foxnews, @myfoxphoenix
Steve Krafft - @skrafftFox10

NBC 12
General - @12news, @azcentral
Brahm Resnik - @brahmresnik

ABC 15
General - @abc15 @abc15desk
Elizabeth Erwin - @elizabetherwin


General - @nprnews @kjzzphoenix
Peter O’Dowd - @odowdpeter
Mark Brodie - @markwbrodie

General - @KTAR923
Jim Cross - @crossfire923 


<Sorry, this section is under construction. It should be done next week. Please send suggestions.>

*Please forgive us if your group is not on here. We are building this with your help. For the sake of expedience, Ken wants us to keep it short, but please contact us if you'd like your group included here. Please include a link, a phone number and your desired first point of contact.