2015 Year in Review

Happy new year! Time for a little year-in-review.

I'm proud of the work you and I have done together.
With your backing, I stood up to "dark money" --on the floor of the State House, at the Pinnacle West shareholder protest and on the streets.

You've been part of our monthly BeAZ events --which we started as an inventive way to expose folks to interesting, public policy-related features in our town, regardless of your political party. We've had hundreds of folks out to tour everything from the Tovrea Castle to a medical marijuana grow facility, with intriguing conversations about each relates to public policy in our state.

Screen_Shot_of_Weekly_Update.pngYou've been so kind to participate in my weekly updates from the capitol, in which we highlight issues of the day in a way which is easy to follow, easy to fit in to your busy day and which empower you to take action yourself.

That is why my emails to you are infrequent, consistent and designed to be informative.

Logo-Hobbs-Alston-Clark.jpgI'm particularly proud to be part of the LD24 Team with Lela Alston and Katie Hobbs, as well as the entire Democratic House Caucus. In my nearly two decades of activity in Arizona politics, I've never seen such a unified group of people who work together to catalyze change in Arizona.

Screen_Shot_of_Floor_Debate.pngWhen we look to 2016, I expect to see dark money continue to weave its insidious influence through our political system and I will not back down from fighting its influence. 

I believe we all need to take a good long look at the governor's plan to drain a third of the corpus of the state trust land fund for temporary funding of education. This May special election will be a tough vote for all of us. I hope you will join me in telling the governor that he may not cut tens of millions of dollars in taxes for special interests, which he has already announced he plans to do, if he wants us to dip in to our shared 401(k). 

We must stand together in support of public education funding for today and the future.

I will continue to stand with my fellow Democrats as we fight for true reform at DCS. Since Governor Brewer assigned more money for child protective services, Governor Ducey has since taken much of that away and the problem has only gotten worse.

Last, but not least, I've been hearing about promising efforts to address sentencing reform, and I will proudly join these efforts. In some cases of non-violent crimes, we are punishing some criminals too harshly. We are also sentencing entire families of generations of disruption and turmoil when we could do more to help people become productive citizens, on the right track.

Because my goal is to speak truth to power and empower the disempowered, we fully expect opposition in 2016. So, I need your help today to meet our fundraising goals by tomorrow, the end of the year. 

Can I count on you to support to keep up the fight? Every dollar counts! Please donate today.BeAZ_January.png

News Around the District
In January's BeAZ Event we will revisit Refugee Focus to learn what they've done over the last year and to show our support for refugees in Arizona. We will get an update of their work, and we will hear from other elected officials with an update of the state of refugees in Arizona.

Brain Food

a. It seems odd to recommend a big, star-filled Hollywood film. But in the case of The Big Short, I need to get the word out there. You really need to see this film!

b. And here's the interview with one of the brains, Michael Burry, who saw the 2008 crash coming and what he thinks is coming next. 

c. Here's another great conversation I heard from On the Media, with host Bob Garfield and actor/activist Alec Baldwin on the state of the media. I never new Baldwin was such a media nerd. I dig that.

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Ken Clark, State Representative, LD 24
Its your state. Own it.