Send Rep. Clark back to the house

As a real estate agent with a passion for historic properties in Central Phoenix, Ken Clark has long been an advocate for all things Phoenician.

For almost nine years, Ken has hosted a popular monthly event called Get Your PHX, which brings people together in support of new Phoenix businesses and the owners who risk so much to start them. Ken is a member of Local First AZ as well as a member of the Grand Avenue Rail Project Board.

Ken also founded the Phoestivus holiday market in Phoenix.

From 2002-04, Ken Clark served District 15 in the State House, during which time he was chosen by the Democratic Leadership Council as one of the “100 to Watch.” Rather than seek reelection, he spent the following few years growing his business and becoming a leader of distinction on key issues in Arizona.

Ken served as the state Energy Office Director after completing his term at the legislature, then went on to form the Arizona Clean Power Alliance, which advocated for and ensured the passage of legislation that made major renewable energy projects possible in Arizona.

In the legislature, Ken fought the payday loan industry. He continued that fight outside of office in 2008 as the manager of the successful effort to defeat a payday loan industry ballot initiative.

In the 1990's, Ken worked for various non-profit organizations in Phoenix and Washington. He spent two years in Bosnia producing talk radio shows based on conflict resolution techniques.

Ken returned to the legislature in 2014 and has served on the Elections, Environment and Natural Resources and Appropriations committees. In his efforts to empower voters, and especially disenfranchised voters, he has created many programs to educate the public about the legislative process. His most notable effort was the We the People Summit series

He knows how to reform our education system so that students are ready for a new set of economic realities.

He believes that we need to live sustainability in the desert southwest and he knows what it will take to make that a reality.

He believes that our tax structure is a drain on our economy and he knows how to reform our tax code to support positive economic growth.

Ken can accept up to $5,100.00 per person, per election period. Please make contributions to “Ken Clark Leadership Committee” on the donation page. Or, send "snail mail" contributions to P.O. Box 2101, Phoenix AZ 85001.

Please always include your name, address, occupation and employer.

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